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Bollinger Bands Trading Strategy With Two Trade Setups

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Bollinger Bands Trading Strategy With Trade Setups

In this Forex trading vlog, I share two trades I entered recently. The first is on EUR/AUD and the second on USD/SGD. The setups are the same (a reversal Bollinger Bands trading strategy I use). Vlog #198.

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The main idea in that trading strategy is to look for trades at major zones on the charts. Normally, reversal trades setup have a low win rate.

In fact, once the price of a currency pair is trending. It likely keeps going through reversal setups. However, by taking the trades occurring at major levels only, traders can ensure to have a higher level of confluence.

And although support and resistance zones can be tricky to identify at first, you'll get to develop a consistent way to draw them on your chart.

I'd much rather not trade when things aren't clear on the chart than trade and regret it. That's the primary reason why I only take setups that happen at zones on the chart that are easy to spot.

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Have you ever experimented with a similar strategy or a better variation? Comment below and let me know!

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