How To Use A Forex Trading Checklist (to execute your trades perfectly!)

How To Use A Forex Trading Checklist

In this video, I share how I started to use a trading checklist in my Forex trading to effectively execute my trades and separate myself from most traders!

Most of my inspiration on the topic comes from the book The Checklist Manifesto. I started reading the book probably 6 months ago and found the beginning to be a little long, but it's amazing once you find out the results of using checklists (for pretty much any discipline).

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Why (Almost) No One Uses A Trading Checklist

A trading checklist is boring, but I believe it isn't used enough. It can represent a great advantage for the Forex trader going through his trading checklist to plan every single trade.

In the end, what matters isn't the tools you use, but the results you get.

One of the principles discussed in the book is how our perception of hero is inaccurate. We often see the pros in any discipline as acting on-the-spot, making quick decisions, but that's not how it happens in real life.

Similarly, in Forex trading, the best traders aren't the ones who improvise. They are the ones who sit down to execute precisely on a pre-planned process that usually first starts with a Forex trading checklist.

Book Mentioned

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How To Use A Forex Trading Checklist (to execute your trades perfectly!)