The #1 Forex Trading Education Myth (i.e. the truth behind success)

The #1 Forex Trading Education Myth (i.e. the truth behind trading success)

In this Montreal Forex trading vlog, I share about a thing bugging me lately…it's what I believe to be the #1 Forex trading education myth. Vlog #186.

This myth is the idea that you can succeed as a Forex trader if only you find the right person to do the work for you (i.e. teach you how to trade right).

In my experience, it couldn't be further from the truth. Any worthwhile achievement requires hard work.

Any worthwhile achievement requires hard work. Click To Tweet

To succeed in trading, you must put in the work. Trading courses & other Forex trading education programs have their purposes but they cannot be a substitute for work.

Don't get me wrong here. Forex trading courses & programs are useful. They'll help you know what to work on and how to improve your trading, but they are not a substitute for putting the effort required to succeed.

Have you put in the work or are you searching for the magical answer to solve your trading problems?

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Forex trading education myth - relax on the weekend

Oh and for this Sunday morning & afternoon, I go to Boucherville & Granby (Canada) to explore, see the water & meet cool animals :)

It's always nice to take some time off on the weekend – especially on Sunday – to relax and escape the technology. That's has become an important routine on the weekend for me.

Have you felt for this Forex trading education myth before? How have you ensured you put hard work into your trading? Comment below and let's get the discussion going!

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The #1 Forex Trading Education Myth (i.e. the truth behind success)