Getting Started

“Where would you recommend a “newbie” to start in Forex trading?”

It is imperative that you familiarize yourself with the jargon you will encounter in the trading industry. I recommend you start with Investopedia's How To Start Trading series. Then, you can follow up with my Successful Forex Trader Blueprint. Start going through your trading platform at the same time. Only when you are fluent in placing trades should you invest in any of my programs/coaching sessions.


“What broker do you use?”

My first trading account was opened with Oanda and have been trading with them still. In the past years, I have also used FXCM, Pepperstone, and Questrade for trading other people's money.

I also have an account with AxiTrader (mainly for algo trading).

“What broker do you recommend?”

There isn't a “best” broker in the Forex trading industry. You have to select one that fits your needs – that means doing some research and testing different platform. Keep in mind that a good customer service and an easy-to-use platform are important.

Forest Park FX

I would recommend you use Forest Park FX to help you pick the right broker. They are a Forex introducing broker that offers rebates when you sign up for a broker. They carefully select the brokers to promote. You can learn more from my interview with the founders.

Trading Credit w/ AxiTrader

I've been partnering with AxiTrader after my visit to their Sydney office. If you open a live account using this link and deposit at least US $1,000, you'll get a 30% trading credit. You can use that money to trade. This comes at no additional costs.


“What platform do you use?”

Whenever you see one of my videos, I am probably using TradingView Pro. This is my charting platform. I sometimes use FxTrade (trading platform from Oanda) to place orders in the Forex market. Since recently, however, I am able to create orders directly on TradingView due to their integration with Oanda.


“When is the right time to invest in a coach?”

There is no right time to invest in a coach. A good coach will set goals with you in the beginning and the purpose of the coaching program will be to accomplish those goals. Keep in mind that paying $2,000 to learn how to use a trading platform might be overpaying and/or not necessary.

“Do you offer private mentoring/coaching?”

Yes, but I can only work with a handful of students at the same time. I ensure that people who request coaching are motivated and I put everything in place so they follow through. There is an application process and you can apply here.

“How do I access the paid programs/training on your site?”

Upon purchasing an online program/training, you will need to enter your email and create a password for your account. You will receive a confirmation email. From there, you will be able to login to the Member Dashboard at any time. Simply click the login link on the top-left hand side of this site. If you can't find the button, go to

Technical Analysis

“How can I identify & trade support and resistance areas?”

When it comes to drawing support and resistance areas, here are a few resources:

“How can I learn price action trading?”

You can head on the price action section of this blog. There you'll see the price action course I recommend. You'll also see all my interviews, articles, and videos discussing price action.

Success in Trading

“What do you recommend a Forex trader who has been trading for 2+ years and still struggles?”

Great question! That’s what this website is designed to help you with!

No matter how complicated people try to make it look, successful trading involves only 2 parts.

  1. Having a plan (watch )
  2. Executing that plan consistently (watch )

“I need to increase my win rate. How can I do that?”

Forex trend trading (win 3/10 trades)

I used to want as much of a high win rate as possible myself, but that’s not really the point of trading (watch How to Win 3/10 Trades and Still Get Rich). If you’re really into trying to get a high win rate, you’ll probably have to add more criteria to your strategy (indicators, certain candlestick patterns, other rules, etc.) until you get to your desired win rate. Just be aware that it could lead to less profit than say a 30% win rate.

“Can you recommend I consistently profitable trading strategy?”

No trading strategy will be profitable at all times. That's why it's important for any trader in any market to create a trading strategy playbook. My personal trading playbook is included in the Desire To TRADE Academy.

This section of my blog features a few trading strategies that I have personally tested in the past. You can take a look, but remember that confidence in trading is built by testing things yourself.

“Where can I see proofs of your success in trading?”

I do not publish my real-time trading results for privacy reasons – and to respect the people I trade for. However, my goal is to do a video every month discussing my trading results for the past month. You can see the latest video here. In case the video appears too old, let me know and I will update the link.

“How can I see what the life of a trader looks like?”

Forex Trading Education Myth
Becoming Swing Trader - Bangkok Forex Trading Vlog - Desire To TRADE
The ONLY Skill Required To Succeed As A Trader

I definitely recommend you follow my daily vlogs through which I try to portrait the reality of being a Forex trader. I bring you with me as I travel the world and you get to see all the traders I meet along the way. That became a passion of mine!