How To Achieve Your Goals in 2019!

How To Achieve Your Goals in 2019!

In this live video, I give you a simple hack that will make achieving your goals in 2019 easier.

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Do you want to know a hack to stay excited about your trading goals?

I made a pretty significant change to the way I set goals.

And this year, I already see a big difference.

The issue with the goals that beginning traders set is that they quickly become too big to be achieved.

For instance, you might decide that: "My goal is to become a full-time trader in 2019 and leave my job!" You know the story, right?

In the first few weeks, you're excited!

3 months in... You can't see how you'll make it happen.

That's normal. It's not your fault!

Here's the TRUTH to achieve your trading goals:

You can set whatever goal you want, but it must be backed by a strong enough reason.

A goal can be exciting when you look at it.

But a reason is always what brings you through.

Your WHY in trading is your absolute motivator.

But what does that look like concretely?

Last week I went through an exercise of goal-planning.

I began by reviewing everything that happened in my trading and business in 2018.

In the end, I came up with a few goals & priorities for 2019, one of which is completing the testing & scaling on my automated trading strategies.

Although I'm thrilled about it, it's not a goal that will make me wake up excited about the day ahead.

Then I got very clear about my WHY... I asked: "Why do I want to scale my automated trading strategies?" I made a long list... From which I picked the top few reasons.

Here's my #1: I want the whole society to level up and achieve their dreams.

See the connection?

By doing the work, I'm sort of "leading by example". On the days where I don't feel like it, I can just remind myself "if you're doing this, other people will be able to achieve their dreams." That's strong.

I can't really have a motivation problem ever! And I'm definitely more likely to achieve my goal... So when you set your goals, find out the true reasons why you want to achieve those goals.

It'll be much easier after that, I promise.

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How To Achieve Your Goals in 2019!