How To STOP Trading Time For Money! $5,000/month Forex Formula

How To STOP Trading Time For Money! $5,000/month Forex Formula

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- [Etienne Crete] Today, I want to share with you some tips on how to stop trading time for money. And by that, I mean how to stop being at the job where you spend your time to get money and actually earning more money without spending more time doing it. And I think that's a skill that various people have, but if you can do it, you're gonna be a step ahead of a lot of people in this world, so that's gonna be awesome.
What's up traders welcome back to Chiang Mai in Thailand and I want to share with you specifically how you can make $5000 per month. We'll take that number as a basic number not because it's high; it's not high at all but because I feel like you could do pretty much more than what you want with that number and most people could live well almost anywhere in the world with that amount of money, and some of us do that. So I wanna share with you some steps because I'm all about the tactical advice you can use and apply right away and some processes and not like some fluff that you cannot apply after. That's gonna be very tactical.
The first thing you gotta think about when you think about doing this stuff of not trading time for money is you gotta think about the fact that if you gonna do with trading which is what I recommend in this channel because I'm talking about this all the time. Is you gotta first have a strategy and a process that's for sure. And we've done countless videos of that in the past I'll link some below if you want to check it out about how to do this how to come up with a strategy or process and follow it pretty simple, pretty simple stuff. Now a lot of you guys because in the channel we're quite advanced. People are taking action and getting some results which I'm really happy about. So if that's your case you might be further in that you already had a strategy and applying trade property for some time and that's awesome.
The next phase is you gotta be able to keep track of your statistics and that means going back every month to your stats looking at them make sure that everything's fine that you have reasonable channels some reasonable stats and that you can sustain this for the long term. So most people cannot do this most people are just gonna trade and make money fast. They wanna make money fast but then they cannot sustain this task which means that they never will able to build the wealth and the long term income stream with trading. If you look at your stats every month and you keep track of things and you improve over time then you can build to income something powerful with trading. But if not it's just like a game for you or your hobby. Or a way to make money fast. And that won't last. If that's your case, if that's your goal to kind of just make money fast and become a millionaire by next week then you might just wanna skip this video it's not for you and I don't wanna talk to you at all but if you're with me and if you understand that this is a process that you have to learn and you have to stay consistent with it than we can talk about the next things. So you've got a strategy a process you've got a key look at your stats so your metrics every month you know what you should expect and you're confident about it. And plus you learn to adapt based on your stats then that's when gets pretty interesting. That's when we can kind of multiply the money your making right now with trading.
Now the third step is you gotta of course gather capital. That might mean for you saving money and making sure you have money put aside of your salary right now to putting your trading account later. If you don't have the money right now to invest in your account or you cannot save money then you have to get external financing and that is hard to do when your stats are bad but very easy when your stats good and you keep track of them and you know your stats by heart. So if can kind of master your stats and understand what to expect from trading and you know that you won't blow up your account by next week and investors know they can get a proper return on the money they give you. Then that's easy to get money to trade from other people. And I want suggest a way that it's actually the simplest I found because you could go out and try find financing from different people and meet investors in person but that's gonna take a long time. So recently I found out about Axiselect which is a program combining PsyQuation and Axitrader two companies that kind of merge. Psyquation was acquired by Axitrader and they created this program, the only thing you have to do is you have to connect your account and get a score on PsyQuation to be able to get money from Axitrader. Now you have to have an account with Axi of course that's just the basics but that's how it works. So an issue right here on the screen the requirement they have and the kind of capital they can allow you to trade with over time. It starts with 10k And then you can go to 50K which is if you double your account every year leave it less than $5000 a month and then it goes to 100k and plus getting financing from outside investors. That's what you think really interesting. So there's no question like trying to get money fast, trying to get money quickly, trying to get fund an account with a lot of money you have. That doesn't exist because you gonna out do this. If tries to process if you are in charge of first. The metrics that you track over time and making sure you improve based on those that's pretty much all it takes to be able to get money from other people and to trade with it. Now it gets to a point where you can get money from other investors with that program. So we're talking 1 million plus they're not there yet but I suppose will be there in your future. And just think about the fact that you can make 10-20 percent a year on that that's one hundred, two hundred thousand dollars which is pretty crazy. So that's how it works. And guys I don't want to put the program too far but if you think it's a good fit for you up with a little of that you to have an account with Axi first of course. And then go to that program if you want I recommend it's a good way to kind of get financing for people. This is simplest way I've found what's more like metric base and simple to follow. So I'll recommend that. But in any case decide if you have your own capital you put on the line or somebody else's capital and then we can go to the other step which is entering to have a coach to guide you along the way. Now I can't stress enough how important it is to have a coach with you when you kind of want to scale things up or when you want to be able to get double the result you have right now or more a coach can have you a lot on that case and you want to make five thousand dollar per month, there's no reason that's because that one thousand dollar per month to help you. It just makes sense. It's just an investment to get to hopefully get more money over time gain that would make a lot of sense to me. So you decide what to do but I would see this as very very useful and I've used coaches myself in the past that really helped me kind of level up my game. So I recommend you do the same as well. But regardless.
The next step you have to do in that case is to scale things up and increase over time. You've got to have a plan kind of scale things up over time as you get more capital as he is comfortable with bigger numbers. And that's just a question of time for you reach higher levels of capital. And when one thing goes well the others follow. And that's kind of what you want to think about. So other than that sending guys I recommended you check out the programming below with Axitrader and PsyQuation how do you come in. In any case signaling that long beyond the comment section.
Here are a few comments in the past day. I appreciate you guys for leaving comments as always down below in the comments section. and I'll be catching you back here tomorrow for another video in Chiang Mai. Ciao.

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How To STOP Trading Time For Money! $5,000/month Forex Formula