How To Travel Asia Living Off Of Trading

How To Travel Asia Living Off Of Trading

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In this Brisbane Forex trading vlog, I share with you my key elements to travel freely and living of trading. Vlog #436

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What's up traders? Welcome back to Brisbane.
How's it going on? Australia's actually my 24th country to visit, and I've not always been a trader when I was traveling, but I wanna share with you this today how you can travel the world and make a living off trading.

I've been traveling a lot recently in Asia, a part of the world I love the most. You could decide to travel wherever you want, but I know a lot of people have the goal to trade and travel at the same time. They wanna be able to be in different countries and for this video, our focus is especially on Asia, a continent that I really love. After my stay in Australia, I'm going straight back to Asia 'cause I love it so much.

So, what we'll do now, I have a process I'm gonna share with you, some things you have to consider. Now, the first thing first, and instantly apply to anything in life, is if you wanna do something, like, really well, like, further, you gotta build the basis first, and that means that for you to be able to learn the basis of trading, it will take some time, like, everyone else who gonna learn anything. And so, you gotta start to learn the basis of trading first being able to trade properly first, before you even think of traveling and doing something different. For me, this was one of my end goal, and it's something I took a lot of years to achieve. You could probably do it faster than I did. You could probably be able to travel faster and earlier than I did, like, three years and a half after I started to trade. You could do it earlier for sure. But just understand that you gotta build a basis first. And if you didn't build the basis yet, go do that and then think about traveling after.

The second thing is, you gotta see trading as any other source of income or any other business out there that someone could have. And the rule of thumb here is that the guy that's been traveling the longest is the one with multiple businesses. The person's who's gonna travel for two months and be broke is the person who only has like, one way to make money, one stream of income. If you have multiple, you increase the chance of being able to do what you love, being able to travel more, experiencing more things, and being more fulfilled in life, I believe. So, treat trading as one stream of income you have among many others. And focus on building many as opposed to only one. Focus your time on one first, but eventually build other businesses or things that generate your money, and that could be from investment, could be from businesses, of course. Could be from anything you want, properties, real estate, and that's just gonna be more fulfilling for you. Because you don't wanna be the person that's gonna run out of money after like, three, four months because you only trade and you can't afford to travel anymore. You have to go back home and sell it off for some time. That's not cool at all, okay? So, multiple streams of income as opposed to one.

Next, set number three, is you gotta adapt your trading style to traveling. For me, that was not too bad 'cause I already had a good style of trading, but I had to stop day trading when I started to travel. I had to focus only on swing trading, because of the timezone, because of the difference, because of the things that I have to commit myself to, and I couldn't do both. I couldn't do swing trading and day trading at the same time. So, you ideally wanna go on a down frame, like really high, or really low. So like, scalping, day trading when you travel. If you try to be in the middle, it's gonna be really hard. And I found that for me, swing trading was the best for my personality and for traveling, but for you, it could be different, so you gotta figure out what's best for you, but make sure you adapt your style, being able to travel, and not making your trading an obstacle against traveling. That's for sure.

Once you've done that, step number four is you wanna define and schedule your top routines, things that you can't afford to miss, the thing that produces a result for you in trading. Things like, for me, meditation, review my journal, review my trades, review the market daily. Those are things that I can't afford to miss, and if I miss them, my results are bad. So, what I do is I schedule them, I try to make sure I get them done every day, and I defined them so that if I miss them, I will like, push things I can miss, I can afford to miss my travel, with things I cannot afford to miss, so if I'm like, tight on a deadline, or I'm traveling too much, then I can just like, forget some things, but there are things I cannot skip. There are things that I need to do to get done to be able to reach my goals in trading. And so, if you want, you can find those and schedule those in your calendar or a notebook, however you prefer, but have them in mind and schedule them, and they're gonna be more likely to get done when you travel. And things that you miss sometimes, of course, you wanna be able to make sure that you have your top routine always in mind.

Step number five is obvious, but make sure you have more money coming in than you need to travel. Now, I have years invested in how much money I needed to travel. It's around $2,000, $3,000 per month at minimum, and you can travel pretty well, really comfortably. Like one, that's good, you have more. I'm not gonna be increasing my spendings over time as I increase my income. But, you could be able to do it with less or more, depending on what you like. And you gotta be able to make sure that you have more money coming in on a consistent basis, as opposed to the money that goes out for your traveling. That's something like, pretty basic, but you will be surprised, how people forget this. They start to travel, and then they forget that they have to pay for stuff. And then, they're just screwed. So, make sure you know how much money comes in for your trading every month. What is the worst case scenario, the best case scenario? What other streams of income you have coming in on a frequent basis? And then figure out how much you can spend, and if it's possible to travel with that coming out. And you can also select the countries you go to. Some countries are very cheap. Some countries like here, Australia, are crazy expensive. But you gotta decide if it's worth it for you to visit the country that is expensive. If you don't have enough money to sustain the cost of that country, is it worth it? Maybe not. Maybe better stay in Asia, which I still love a lot, which is very cheap, as opposed to Australia or Europe, at first. And eventually, once you to start to increase your income and increase your streams of income, then you can move to other countries or places that are more expensive to live in or to stay in or travel in. And that is kind of, a stress-free way to do things, as opposed to being frequently everywhere and forgetting you have to pay for stuff at the end of the month. Guess that's something pretty big, but pretty basic. Step number six is a shift you have to make in your life, and it is to realize that lifestyle is much better than a vacation. And vacation's like, something you take once in a year. People have a job, I think it's once in a year, but a lifestyle is constant. Now, you gotta be able to put away vacations for some time. Focus on building your lifestyle, which means that, it's gonna be your daily life. Create the life you love, and you won't have to take a vacation. If you have a daily life you hate, of course, you wanna vacation, it's normal. Everyone wants to be able to escape from their life. But, if you create the life of your dream, then why will you take a vacation? You don't need it, you have the life you want. And that's what you wanna focus on. A good lifestyle is always better than a vacation. It's always cheaper than like, putting all your money into one vacation, which is not producing results long-term. So, try and figure out how you can make your life better at this point without just thinking of vacation, like, by doing things different. By changing your routines, changing your location. Being able to do what you love on a daily basis. And that's gonna be much better and much more rewarding than just a big vacation. So lifestyle over vacation at all times is a perspective shift you have to make in your life. So that's the sixth step.

So guys, I don't know if this was helpful for you. It's kind of a quick summary of things you gotta do and you gotta work on. I can go more in depth but I think you don't really need that at this point because most of you are in the beginning or you can already do it for yourself. Comment below as always. I want to remind you that everyone can do it. Give a like on the video if you like it today. Here are some comments from the past video. I appreciate you guys always for leaving your comments. And with that being said, I'll catch you back here for another video in Brisbane tomorrow. Ciao!

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