Learn To Trade Forex FULL-TIME in 2019

Learn To Trade Forex FULL-TIME in 2019

In this Quebec City Forex trading vlog, I share with you my 5 step framework in order to learn to trade Forex full time in 2019. The new year is just starting and I want you to achieve your goals in the next 21 months. Vlog #421

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- And the biggest mistake you can make here, the worst thing ever is you write down, like other people do, I want to become a full-time trader.

What's up traders, welcome back, the sun is about to set here in Quebec City. It's beautiful outside, although pretty cold which I have to admit is kind of a change. So, I love change which is awesome, we're good.

Today I want to share with you something very interesting, which is how to learn trading full-time in 2019. This is going to be different than what I've told you before. It's going to be a little bit of a change. Also, like the weather outside. But this is what I think to be proven by a lot of my students in the past. They went to that same framework, the same series of things, and they got results.

So hopefully you can apply the same, see results in 2019, and that we'll all be happy, you'll be happy. So, it's a good mix, and that's awesome. Now it's gonna be kind of an exercise, not something that you just listen to, and think about, and have fun, then go do your daily stuff after. Take some time, note it down, do it, over and over again, and write down somewhere.

Take out a journal, take out something that you would be able to use, and reflect back. You can do it now, or after the video, however you like, but I promise this will give you some results, and you will know what to focus on. So let's go on it with that.

First thing you gotta do is you gotta define your vision. And this means exactly what you wanna have in your life. What does that mean? You wanna of course trade, that's gonna be part of your vision, but what is it the overall thing that you wanna achieve? Is it financial freedom? What does that look like exactly? What is it? Having more time with your family, what does that look like again? In detail, you wanna write down exactly what you are looking for, and what is gonna be your dream day, like what is your ideal day in your life.

And you write this down, that way you know exactly what you wanna achieve. And the biggest mistake you can make here, the worst thing ever, is to write down like other people do, I wanna become a full-time trader, that's their vision. Well, everyone wants to trade full-time, that's not like common to you. What is in common to you exactly? What is it gonna look like in your life? Write this down, and from that, include things that you have, you have now a framework, like a picture of what that looks like. And you can know when you work on something, is it working toward the picture, or against it? It could be toward or against, there's no in-between. If you learn trading strategies that are against that picture, meaning things that they see would work, or something you would have to trade all day.

Then that's not good, that's not good toward your vision, and you're moving backward, as opposed to forward. So you gotta be really intentional about what your vision is, and what are the things you do are helping you get there. So take some time out, either you pause this video, or do it after, and write down two things to talk about: Your ideal day, and your vision, what does that look like, in detail? Now, from there, what you wanna do, you wanna find your "one mentor", or one coach.

A lot of people are confused because they follow a lot of different mentors, or a lot of different coaches online. And that has for effect, to kind of stop you, and confuse you, 'cause you wonder what you, what is it you should apply.

People have different opinions on things, they have different ways of doing things, of course, and that's fine. But you have to follow one path until you're successful. Until you see results, and if you're not trading full-time now, there's probably no reason to follow five people trading full-time. Follow only one, and you wanna find basically the one coach or one mentor that does exactly what you wanna do in your vision, right. So don't pick someone that trades for a firm, if you wanna travel.

Don't pick someone that travels, if you wanna trade for a firm. That's the basic thing here.

And unlike many people, I don't care if you're not following me, that doesn't matter to me. What matters is that you've picked the coach that's gonna be right for you, and you follow that person, and do everything that that person tells you to do. Like if you follow five people, and do what the five tell you to do, it's going to contradict at some point, and you won't be happy. But by taking a coach or mentor that does what you wanna do, does what your vision is, you allow yourself to follow someone that's gonna be aligned with you mentally, like with the same thoughts, the same feelings, the same values, and that goes a long way.

This might mean that you have to invest in a program, and actually I recommend you invest in either coaching or a program from that person because this is, I've seen, the best way to go, and the fastest way to see results. Like, free content helps you out a lot, but if you never take that next step, you're proving, first of all, to yourself that you're not serious about it, and you're showing the world that you don't have the confidence to reach your goal. You don't think you'll make it, 'cause you never invested in anything to become better.

You think that you have to keep your money safe, and not spend any of it 'cause you fear that you won't make it back. And that's a big lack of confidence and self-esteem. So once you find your mentor or coach that fits your vision, get the program, or get them to coach you, whatever works best for you. Remember that's not about the cost, that's about the return on investment, what you're gonna get out of that thing you spend money on. It's never a cost when you get something back, it's an investment.

Now, from there, what you wanna do, this is where some people get it wrong sometimes, so they might invest in the course, but then they still follow five other people. You wanna cut out everyone else that's not aligned with that course. All the other people telling different things than that course or that mentor you've pick, you wanna cut everything. To be fully focused on that one person, that one coach, to tell you, you told yourself, what's aligned with your goals.

Now, that's gonna take some effort, that won't be easy sometimes, but just tell yourself to follow other people back when you get your results. And in the meantime, you're 100% committed, that coach or that program you've gotten into, and that's gonna lead to better results overall. And again you can cut me if you need to that doesn't matter to me, as soon as you get results, I'm happy. And I'll know that I've done my job right.

This is aligned with the principle of information diet. I first discovered a thing by Tim Ferriss, so back a few years back, I also coded the love coaches, I sold myself for the one coach that I was gonna follow, and I followed him, and I listened to everything he said. I took note of everything I wanted to apply, and I applied it. So you wanna go on an information diet, where you limit information you have, and cut out what you don't need.

So cut out the news, things about a sales you're not working on now, the coaches that are not aligned with your vision now, and you only go with that one thing, it will lead to results, and ultimately when you do it, it's gonna be tough at first, but eventually, you get your results, and you can bring it back, and have more things, more opinions, more ways to see things, and more ideas over time. But at first, you need to be really, really strict about what you follow, and what information gets to you. So that's step number three in learning to trade full-time in 2019, or even beyond, if you're watching this later.

Step number four is don't just learn, but really apply. It's really tough sometimes to apply everything you learn, but you gotta take the effort to learn a little bit, stop, apply it, come back to learn more, and apply it again.

Otherwise, if you just wait to the last minute when you've learned everything, it's like this big chunk of thing you have to apply, and that's not cool for anyone, you won't apply this. So you wanna limit yourself in what you learn, and then apply it, and then go back when you need to. Go back to your mentor, go back to the program that you've picked, to be able to apply more things.

And like we talked about in, I believe, yesterday's video which I'll put a link below. When it comes to picking the right strategy for you, you've got to try, you gotta try to do things.

You gotta experiment, see what works for you, what doesn't, and you can't do this by learning from a program, and just reading video, and just watching videos of that program, or speaking to your coach. You gotta speak to your coach, but also apply what he's telling you to apply.

And then going back, and applying some old chunks, that makes it way better, so kind of an obvious thing, but a lot of people overlook this, and they stay stuck in information overload without taking action. So just keep in mind, that you have to apply whatever you learn from that coach, otherwise, it's not gonna work.

And now step number five, is a little bit more tough...

It's kind of a bonus because I know for a fact that most people won't do it, and I kind of accept it, it's fine, but if you really wanna improve faster, and if you really wanna learn trading full-time, probably in the next year, whenever you've seen some level of results, which means, some level of like not a lot, but a little bit of result, start to teach other people, and teach what you know. Tell them exactly what you know, what you've learned, and show the people the things you've applied.

Now that doesn't mean start a trading school, in fact I don't recommend you do it, it's gonna be a lot of effort for nothing, but it's training you for when you start to teach other people because by teaching people, you actually learn better, you actually become better yourself.

And as Jim Roll said, there are three ways to learn to become really good at something: you gotta learn, you gotta apply which we've talked about before, but then you gotta teach, teach other people, show people what you've learned. And show people what you did to get your result. And I've seen this in the academy, a lot of people have been commenting recently what they did, breakthroughs they had, realization they had, things they're thinking about.

And that allows them to kind of share with the new people, externalize what they've learned so that they can kind of teach, and then they become just better themselves, and that's a big part I think in our a community, where people can like share together, help other people, and still learn at the same time and become better.

So link's gonna be below for that as well, if you wanna check it out, but in all cases do what we talked about in this video, and you'll see progress for sure in the next year. Describe below what you thought as always, subscribe if you've not done yet, here are your comments from the past video. I appreciate you guys once again for leaving your comments, and I'll catch you back here for another video tomorrow.


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