My First Drawdown Trading the Forex Market

My First Drawdown Trading the Forex Market

If there's one thing that really annoys traders, its Drawdowns.

The good news is, you can recover pretty fast from it if you have a good methodology set in place.

Back in December 2016, when I have just wrapped up a year of good returns,  I had no system in place yet to

learn from my bad trades.  And because I was travelling, I was destabilized by

the timezone difference and for 3 weeks I was not able to find a good trade. What I did was lowered my

standards and started trading outside of my system but it was a big mistake.

That caused me 8% drawdown and this could happen to you too!

Your account either crashes or recovers from it but its how you deal with it after that matters.

In this Granby Forex trading vlog, I will share the story of my first drawdown in the Forex market and how it

became a big turning point for me in my trading journey.

I am going to cover what I had to face and my struggles and how I overcame it.

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My First Drawdown Trading the Forex Market