Not A Profitable Trader? 3 Powerful Questions To Ask Yourself!

3 Powerful Questions For The Not Yet Profitable Trader

In this (live) video, I share 3 major questions to ask yourself if you are not yet a profitable trader at the moment. Those can reveal a lot in regards to what you need to work on to succeed in Forex trading.

In summary, there are 3 parts essential for successful/profitable Forex trading. Once you've mastered those 3 parts, you're most likely a profitable trader – congrats!

The thing is, we do not receive any feedback from the market on the thing we need to improve. It's not like driving a car, where you see the road ahead and what moves you must make not to crash the car.

In trading, we must ask ourselves questions to evaluate how we performed and figure out what we need to work on. That's a major component of being a profitable trader…and it doesn't stop!

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As tempting as it seems, we cannot as trader focus on mastering all 3 parts of profitable trading. That's where focus comes into play. Pick the one part you need to work on the most and that becomes your #1 priority until you've improved significantly enough.

Although I wanted to keep this video short,  I answered questions on the following topic:

  • The basic parts that must be mastered in trading – and why you don't need more.
  • How to become the ‘master of your trade setup' & how to apply it when trading multiple strategies
  • Binary options
  • What the traders who blow up do wrong
  • The biggest lessons I got from interviewing hundreds of traders
  • Leverage
  • My biggest advice for beginning trader
  • How I found out I was profitable in Forex trading

All that is provided to you in under 30 mins! I hope you'll get the value you were looking for!

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Not A Profitable Trader? 3 Powerful Questions To Ask Yourself!