036: The Development Of An Automated Trading System (@_onestepremoved)

The Development Of An Automated Trading System w/ Shaun Overton

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Episode 36 of the Desire To Trade Podcast features Shaun Overton, the automated trading system developer also founder of One Step Removed.

Shaun started in the forex industry in 2005 working as a broker at FXCM. He led the sales effort for an automated trading fund, which led to his interest into automated trading. He then went on to create his own systems that now allow him to live off them.

At the opposite of what I believed, Shaun says developing an automated trading system isn't so complicated. One must learn how to program first. Then, there's a clear process, described during the interview, anyone can follow.

Shaun spends his days researching. This is a passion for him, but his goal is to create more systems that produce positive results. He shared about the exact things he's looking at and the sort of system he has developed.

Although this podcast episode appears fairly technical, there's something that can be learned by any trader. Both automated system traders and manual traders must backtest their trading plan. One of the common problem consists of backtesting only for a restricted period of time and optimizing the system for that period.

The world of automated can be highly fascinating for traders with an interest for statistics and programming. For more on that topic, I recommend listening to DTTP 011: The Fascinating World of Automated Trading and checking what Shaun is doing at One Step Removed.

What’s covered in the podcast?

  • What it's like to be an automated system trader
  • Examples of factors predicting the movement of a currency pair
  • The steps to develop an automated trading system
  • The biggest mistakes made when developing an automated trading system
  • What type of broker works best for automated system traders
  • Best resources to learn to program
  • And so much more…

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036: The Development Of An Automated Trading System (@_onestepremoved)