The #1 Skill Required To Succeed As A Trader (and what makes a good weekend!)

The #1 Skill Required To Succeed As A Trader

In this Forex trading vlog, I go apple-picking and discuss what I think is the number 1 skill required to succeed as a trader. Vlog #182.

It doesn't matter what market you are involved in. I have seen time and time again how powerful it is to not care about the day-to-day results as a Forex trader.

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I have discussed this principle in-depth in How To Get Consistently Profitable In Forex Trading. There is a big difference between outcome goals and process goals. If you get affected by your day-to-day changes in P&L, you are likely not to show up as your best state in trading.

Do not forget that, as a trader, you are occupying most (if not all) the roles in your business.


How To Not Give A F**K About The Results

The first step in not caring about the day-to-day results in trading is obvious: don't look at them! Logging into your trading journal software daily to check how much money you made/lost is absolutely useless. It probably won't help your performance in any way.

The second step to help you succeed as a trader is to practice meditation/relaxation. The book The New Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz is particularly useful in providing simple exercises on the topic.

Apply Picking - Skill Required To Succeed As A Trader video
Sunday afternoon spend apple-picking near Montreal!

One of the exercises proposed is to create a Mental Movie. See yourself, by closing your eyes, as seeing the day-to-day results but feeling detached from them. Soon enough, you will begin to embody that trait.

With some practice, you'll slowly be able to detach yourself from what happens externally.

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The #1 Skill Required To Succeed As A Trader (and what makes a good weekend!)