The Most Difficult Thing To Accept In Trading

The Most Difficult Thing To Accept In Trading

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In this Bangkok Forex trading vlog, I share with you one of the hardest things to accept in trading and business. How you react to this determines your long term success. Vlog #440

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- So you gotta take a step back and that's the hardest thing to do in trading sometimes, and in business, because we don't feel like we want to take a step back.

What's going on, traders? Welcome back. There is one thing I wanna share with you today, and it's gonna be kind of an unscripted video. I don't have any script, I just have an idea that I wanna share with you. This is one of the most, I think, difficult things when it comes to trading and life as a trader. Now I wanna take this with an example, to kind of explain my point.

Recently I started trading with an algo and the result in the first month and a half, almost two months, were pretty good. I was pretty happy with the result. And that is usually how most traders will start, they have a good start It rarely loses money from day one. They're gonna have a pretty good start, or at the start, it's gonna be average. They have hope that they can make it with the thing they work on. And the same thing goes in all fields, the same thing with business.

You start a business, really good, it's doing really well. And then it gets to that point which I got a few days ago, where you feel like you're goals is still the same, but the results are going backward, meaning that you're getting back to your original capital starting point. And that can be pretty tough to handle if you're not used to it because you see capital going backward and you feel like you're getting back to the entry, your starting point. And you feel like all the work you've put in didn't work and doesn't make sense, and you're not getting paid for it appropriately. And that doesn't feel good at all, so that's one of the most difficult things.

You see yourself going backward, and plus, you see yourself going back to the first starting point. And you can even sometimes go back to that, so even lose more money, a little bit. And if that happened to you in the past, or if it's happening to you right now, then that video is for you. So, what to do when capital goes back to your starting point, and how do you react?

Well, I promised myself something, in either trading strategies I trade or business I start or things that I try. And the thing is the following, I don't care about the result, now, I only look at the big picture, meaning I'm only gonna look back in three or four months at my goals, at my business, to care than all the result. Then I can be for certain, then I can be sad or whatever, okay, only for some time. But not today, because I still have to get some data, and you cannot rely on only a couple of trades to make a decision on something, whether it's good or bad or average, that doesn't work.

So you gotta take a step back, and that's the hardest thing to do in trading sometimes, and in business, because we don't feel like we wanna take a step back. We feel like we wanna be there on the ground, fighting for the pips, or whatever, and that doesn't really work, because if you do this then you're gonna try to tweak all the time your system and your results are just gonna be worse and worse and worse until they get to, you blow your account. And that's not what you wanna have, of course, right?

So, take a step back and look at the big picture view of what happened. And most often than not I have found if we're willing to take a step back and look at the result only on the big picture, in a couple of months, then, usually we're kind of satisfied with the result, and we don't care that much about the ups and downs and the small losses you have, and the fact it went back to capital starting point, or the fact that you lost money one month in your business or your trading. It doesn't matter. No one cares. But, you gotta be willing to take a step back and not care about the result today, but care about the results later, and make a decision of those.

So I hope that makes sense, and guys again this is just a quick video rant, but I hope that was useful of course. Comment what your thoughts, let me know your takeaways on this or your thoughts on this. If you've seen this before yourself in the past, I wanna know for sure down below in the comment.
And again, here are a few comments from the past video. I appreciate you guys always for leaving your thoughtful comment on every video. That means a lot to me, and I read all of them of course. So subscribe if not done yet. There's one more video like this every single day, and I will catch you guys back here tomorrow, ciao.

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The Most Difficult Thing To Accept In Trading