Top 5 Podcast Episodes Of 2016

To me, it's an immense pleasure to look back at past episodes of the podcast. I'm always looking at those past episodes with a smile, and sometimes feel embarrassed by the quality of the recording.

The Desire To Trade Podcast has gone a long way (and I'm no longer editing all episodes myself, which is a great relief!).

To finish the year, I wanted to share with you the top interviews of 2016. I tried computing a fancy formula based on the date the episode was published to find the most popular podcast, but that didn't work. Instead, I just picked the podcast episodes published in 2016 that have been downloaded the most.


Top 5 Episodes Of 2016

Day Trading For A Living With Price Action w%2F Kim Krompass

#1: Day Trading For A Living With Price Action – Kim Krompass

In all honesty, I'm kind of knew Kim's podcast episode would rank #1 🙂

Kim Krompass is a day trader trading the New York session based solely on price action.  She doesn't look for perfection but instead aims for profit instead and that's what make her a great trader.

During the interview, Kim said clearly “Perfectionism is the enemy of profit” (click to tweet).

>> Listen to episode 46

Chris Capre Desire To Trade Podcast

#2: Work Harder On Your Mindset Than You Do On Your Strategy - Chris Capre

Chris Capre is a trader I highly respect. For one, he's also a big advocate of price action, but he always seems to have something interesting to say in regards to the brain and trading psychology. What makes Chris a great trader is how he adapts his trading no matter where he is in the world.

According to Chris, "Success involves flipping the equation of what the majority of people are doing" (click to tweet).

>> Listen to episode 54

#3: Building Your Edge In Any Financial Market - Adam Grimes

I consider Adam Grimes to be very down-to-earth and that has certainly helped him in his trading journey. Before all, Adam mentions that traders need to test their trading system instead of trying to convince themselves that their systems work.

According to Adam, "Your can lose your opinion or you can lose your money" (click to tweet).

>> Listen to episode 60

#4: A Forex Swing And Day Trader Shares Pieces Of Wisdom - James Harte

James Harte has been very generous by sharing his trading methodology on the podcast. As both a swing and day trader on the Forex market, he knows what traders need to get started and/or fix their trading.

According to James, as a trader, you must "Focus on controlling your emotions and your mindset" (click to tweet).

>> Listen to episode 53

#5: The Steps To Become A Successful Trader - Rayner Teo

Rayner is possibly one of the greatest trend traders in the Forex market. That comes from the knowledge & understanding of the market he developed as a trader in a proprietary trading firm. He then went on to trade for himself and has impacted thousands of people through his blog.

According to Rayner, "You're not being paid for the hours. You get paid to do the right thing" (click to tweet).

>> Listen to episode 56


My 4 Must-Listen of 2016

I spent a good 30 mins in front of my screen trying to pick the must-listen episodes for the year. I wanted to recognize the guess that helped me better understand what successful trading was about.

Here are those I came up with:

The Great Advice From Market Wizards

The Great Advice From Market Wizards - Jack Schwager

Jack Schwager's Market Wizards book has been mentioned in multiple interviews on the podcast. The biggest lesson I got from Jack Schwager is that all traders have a different way of doing things (i.e. their own style). Just because one person trades in a way doesn't mean you should do the same. That has been a major takeaway from this interview.

>> Listen to episode 43

The Mastery Of Risk Management In Trading - Michael Toma

What's fascinating is how Michael Toma is able to make a boring topic (for most traders) look really interesting. In this interview, Michael shared a 3-step process to manage the risk of trading. Hearing about the different roles of a trader definitely shifted my perspective.

>> Listen to episode 40

Trade With An Edge - Mike Bellafiore

Mike was, without any doubts, the best person to describe what makes great traders. He personally hired multiple traders for SMB Capital himself.

Needless to say that Mike's books (especially One Good Trade) made a big impact on me.

>> Listen to episode 34

Finding Your Own Way To Trade w_ Dave Floyd

Finding Your Own Way To Trade - Dave Floyd

Dave Floyd is a typical trader with an interesting creative side. That makes him highly respectable in the trading industry. He shared a very crucial message in his interview on the podcast. He made me realize that once you get through the initial phase of trading, you begin to understand that copying others isn't what will help you succeed. You must find your own way.

>> Listen to episode 39


Your Turn

That pretty much recaps a whole year of interviews on the Desire To Trade Podcast. If you just found out about the podcast, I recommend you do not limit yourself to this list. All the interviews are available on iTunes, Stitcher, and several more platforms.

The episodes linked to above have been selected based on numbers and my personal opinion.

I understand one thing, though...everyone's different!

What was your favorite podcast episode this year? Comment below and make sure to share your biggest takeaways in the Facebook group!

And let's make 2017 as good or even better as 2016!

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Top 5 Podcast Episodes Of 2016