How To Trade Forex When You’re Too Busy

How To Trade Forex When You're Too Busy

In this Forex trading vlog, I explain how to trade Forex when you're too busy. More specifically, I share how I manage my trading on busy days. Vlog #227.

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You probably got into Forex trading to experience more freedom, right?

The last thing I want is to be stuck at my computer looking for trade setups. That's the reason why I keep myself some time outside of trading to do things I enjoy (running a business, going out, traveling, etc.)

Being Busy Requires Some Tweaks…

I personally recommend going on higher or lower timeframes on days you're most busy.

Although “higher vs. lower” is subjective, I recommend timeframes such as 5-mins, 4hrs, daily, and weekly charts. That might make you miss setups, but you will gain a lot in your peace of mind.

By going on high or low timeframes, you allow yourself to be focused on whatever thing you want to get done that day. You'll need to make this a part of your trading plan.

A Free Resource You Can Use

Team Viewer idea

In addition to adapting your trading style, you can use a remote desktop app such as Team Viewer to access your desktop computer from your smartphone or tablet.

This can be a “last resort” alternative when you need to access a software that's only available for PC or Mac.

Hope that covers the issue of how to trade Forex when you're too busy! If you have any other suggestions for busy traders, comment below!

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How To Trade Forex When You’re Too Busy