Trading Plan For Beginners (Template Included!)

Trading Plan For Beginners (Template Included!)

In this Thailand Forex trading vlog, I share some insights with you on your trader

In this Forex trading vlog, I explain how you can create your Forex or stocks trading plan as a beginner trader. Vlog #446

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- Try to internalize the plan you've made. Try to get it to work in your head, because it has to work in your head before it can work in the market, okay? That's really important to know.

What's up viewers, welcome back to Chiang Mai once again. Recently I put up a video online about how to create a trading strategy as a beginner. Like we went from the very beginning, how to do it, how to plan it out, and make it work together. As a strategy they told me they can link it up with the whole thing, networks, and the market. And today I kind of wanna do a follow-up to that, which is how to create a trading plan as a beginner.

We'll go from the very, very beginning, very simple, on how you can make a trading plan work, because to be honest, that can be very, very overwhelming as a beginner. And you don't wanna take too long to do this, it should take not that long anyway. But I want to get like a step-by-step process so you can use it for yourself.

And the first thing I will say is a few years back, I had this huge training plan of like 30 pages that I got from a course I bought. They said do one part of your plan every day, and then you'd end up with like a big document, awful lot of pages. And that really didn't help me trade better at all.
So I came up with this One Page Trading Plan template maybe three years ago, and it has really helped me simplify things, and make sure that I had everything I needed in like one page of paper, which has been massive so far. So I want to share this with you. We'll take you to the same template, because that's what has seemed to work the best with other traders. But I wanna share with you how you can kind of fill it out and use it over time. Now for me personally I can use this template and like fill it out in five minutes. But if you're starting out right now and you have no clue what that's about, and you have no idea like how to fill it up, I wanna share with how to do it step by step. So obviously it's up to you if you wanna get a template or not. You can just do it on a piece of paper, but if you wanna get it, I'll put a link below in the description, of course. Just grab it, it's free, and you can use it from the start, right now, print it out, and start to write on it. Now the first thing you wanna put at the top, and this is very important. So the first thing you should think about is your vision. So what is your goal with your trading? What do you want to achieve? What is your ideal lifestyle? Now you wanna put this at the top, because you want to be reminded of that on a daily basis. If not, it might be tough for you to stay motivated, but if you have a clear reason why you want to succeed, your vision, it's gonna be easier to kind of stick to it, and make sure to follow your plan on a daily basis. So that's the very first thing.
I created this template with different sections, and I would actually prefer you to start by the middle where it says set up entry and exit. Now depending on where you are now you might wanna take like a week to fill it up, and figure out. Take a few courses if you need to about this, about strategies and entries, and everything. And try to learn what you can use in the market, the strategies you can use. And take a course that you're comfortable with, that you like the instructor, and just follow this. It could be a program, we have an academy for this also, but you don't need to take that one.
Pick whatever you prefer, and whatever you're comfortable with. If you already have ideas of strategies right now, you can also use them, write them down there. What is your setup? So what do you look for, your entry? So what criteria do you have to enter a trade? Which every course should teach you, if not, it's a bad course. And then your exit, so how do you set yourself up for profit? Which is very simple. Most courses will teach you that when they're good.
The point here is like don't feel rushed to fill it out. Just take your time, you might take a week, but make sure you have a schedule of, by the end of next week, or by the end of these next two weeks I'll fill out this part of my strategy, because you'll have taken the course by that. And again, don't get overwhelmed by taking five courses, or by watching like 80 videos on YouTube. That won't work.
You wanna be very clear cut about what you watch, what you look at, to be able to implement it after. If you just watch and don't implement, you reduce your chances of getting results, and that's just really sad, because you waste a lot of time this way. But if you learn from a course and then you apply it right away after, you increase your chance of starting to see momentum over time in trading, okay? It's by learning and practicing and applying that you get results. Not by learning and learning and learning, okay? So that's really important.
Then you're going to want to do a little bit of testing with your strategy, what you've found so far with your setup, your entry, and your exit. And you're gonna want to see on what time frame it works. You might already know this before, so write down you time frame there. Then you wanna look at the pairs you're gonna use to trade, and based on these two things at what time you're gonna look at the chart to trade. And so you're gonna be kind of day trading for a part of the day, or you're gonna be watching the chart throughout the day at some point as a swing trade. That's up to you, but that's gonna depend on your strategy of course.
So kind of take some time to back test these things to be sure that they work. And if you know which pairs you can trade this new result. If you have bad results with one pair, don't trade it. If you have good results, then yeah, trade it. Use it, it's gonna be well. But you wanna be very careful about what you do with that before you go live in trade. Okay, so take time, of course, it could be like a week or two weeks. Take some time to do it again, and that shouldn't take too long to fill out. It just takes time to test, but once you test it and you get the result you're pretty much good to go, okay?
Now we'll get to the little bit more advanced part, and that is where you wanna fill out your risk management strategies. So what you're gonna do to manage your risk, and how you're gonna actually implement your strategy in the market. So to go from where you are now to trading at flys. Now there's a couple of steps to that in our full course in the Desire to Trade Academy about risk management. You can check it out if you want, if not, just use what I'll tell you now, and it's gonna work fine. So you want to calculate how much you can risk per trade. That's going to be based on your risk of ruin.

There's a lot of videos on that also on this channel. You can watch and you can follow. So we won't get into this right now because it's kind of off the topic, but you wanna figure out what risks are in your trading of course, and you wanna make a plan to implement what you trade now, what you found out that you're gonna trade in the market. Are you gonna start with demo first? Are you gonna go with some practicing first? What result do you need for yourself as a trader to see that you can execute it right before you go live? And those are all things you wanna figure out.
Then will you go live with a small account and increase over time? Or a bigger amount right now and see how it works, which I don't really recommend. But define this for you. And you can pick whatever you want. There's some, of course, better plans than others, and that's where the Academy can kind of help you out to fill out your plan and see what works the best. For people we've seen in the past, but you're gonna figure out for yourself also. Take like maybe a couple of hours to fill this out. Learn about risk as much as you can.
Try to understand the principles, and then you're pretty much good to go, because the only thing remaining is you wanna take that plan and review it everyday. So for the next two weeks, even I would say a month, 30 days, review the same plan. Read it out, maybe out loud even, every single day. Try to internalize the plan you've made. Try to get it to work in your head, because it has to work in your head before it can work in the market, okay? That's really important to know. So take this part seriously, and then once you've done that, then you can start to trade, okay? So now does that make sense?

You guys can also comment below of course with your thoughts on this. I would appreciate your feedback. If you've tried the same thing before, comment below. If you're also using this template right now comment below if you wanna know for sure. Some people can get some results with this, I'm confident about it. That's why people should use it in my opinion. So that's it. I want to thank you so much for watching this.

I just want to plug something here with an awesome offer for the Academy that's available right now. It's a limited time thing, which is gonna be only available until this Saturday, March 23, and you get a bunch of bonuses, you're gonna be able to join yourself with the right people. Get my help, get the help of all people in the Academy as well that can coach you, answer your questions, and push you to get better results. Check out the link below, we'll put it there, and you can access this. If you see this video after March 23, 2019, then it won't be available. But reach out to us if you need any help. Here are a few comments from the past video. I appreciate the guests for the many comments, as always down below in the comments section, and I'll catch you back here in Phuket tomorrow. Ciao.

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