Why You CAN’T Succeed Trading Forex Right Now

Why You CAN'T Succeed Trading Forex Right Now

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In this Bangkok Forex trading vlog, I share the 2 reasons why you can't currently succeed in trading Forex right now. This comes on the spectrum of making Forex your #1 priority. Vlog #442

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- You think that at least they'd get better by watching videos about trading all night.

What's up traders, welcome back. Today I wanna share with you something that is deep in my heart. It's something I see that people waste so much time. I think that they think it's the goal. So I wanna make this clear. I wanna share with you the two reasons I see why you cannot succeed right now in trading. And that's gonna be different for most people I feel, but there are two main reasons why. Most people I talk to and I meet cannot succeed because they do these things wrong. And this is pretty much kind of being at the two extreme points on the sphere of taking trading as your number one priority. So, here's the thing.

The first reason why you cannot succeed right now in trading is that trading is your number one goal, but it's not your priority. And if you don't make trading your priority, it's really hard to succeed. So, this makes me laugh. So I see this all the time. People say their number one goal is trading. They say they work hard on it. But then you see them on the weekend going out, drinking, partying, and not working on trading at all. They work on other things. They spend a lot more time on their job than their trading. And that's just gonna make it hard to succeed and to get results. The other I see all the time which is funny, people say all the time that they wanna meet other traders. And then I get to do cities that want it, I do a meetup, and half don't show up, 'cause they say "Oh, I have to walk the dog, "I have to go the grocery, "I have to do this and that." And their goal was to meet traders, and I created the occasion for them to meet traders, but they don't come, 'cause they have other priorities or things that aren't even priorities, just like time wasters. And they still prefer to do them, because they don't have the right motivation for trading first. That's the first thing to correct. What is your motivation? Why you wanna get it done? And if you have the right motivation with you to get things done, The right, like, the reason why you have that goal of trading. Then it's gonna be very simple to do the things you have to do and to make it your priority. But if you don't, it's gonna be very hard to do the work and to get the right things in place for your trading. 'Cause that's the first thing. So having a goal of being able to trade full-time, but not making this your priority in life. At this point. and to get the right things in place for your trading. 'Cause that's the first thing. So having a goal of being able to trade full-time, but not making this your priority in life. At this point.

So, the second thing is kind of the flip side of this, the other side of the equation. So here we are, very not committed, but here you are, too committed. So I see people that, it's funny. I was on a call with a guy recently that was saying that he spent sleepless nights trying to work on his trading. He would work long hours on the charts, reading things, watching videos, to be able to become a good trader. And in case you did not know, that is not how you do things. You'd think that at least they'd get better by watching videos about trading all night. No, 'cause they have to rest. They have to get some time to recover. And then they can work in the time they have on actually becoming better and getting results. And they have the coach, they have other things on the side. But that's the thing. So people put in too much effort on unproductive things, and they don't have this path of things they follow. And that's why I'm so passionate about helping people, is because I see people that don't follow the right path at all, or they don't have a path, they lack it. And I wanna be able to provide those step-by-step process, so you can get to your goals faster. And I'll link a video below about how to learn to trade if you're passionate about that and if that's your goal. It's gonna be linked below, of course, or here in the corner as well. But the point is, don't skip sleep, don't skip your job, don't skip other things that are important to your life, just for spending hours in the charts or trading. That doesn't make sense. That is never how you treat goals. So now you may be asking, like, what's the point? How do you get to reach your goal? How do you get the right result in trading, or how do you succeed in trading? And here's the thing. You gotta find the optimal point between having trading as number one priority, which you should have, but working smart. If you can combine these two things, then it's gonna be way easier for yourself to be able to achieve your goals and to get your result. Now, if you wanna get things a step further, learn from successful people that did it before you. Those with a good result. That's going to allow you to shorten your learning curve. So you spend half less time working on trading, and you get double the result or something of the sort. That's pretty cool. So, guys, my point here is not that you have to come to my meetup all the time in every city or country I do them in, although they're the best, you don't have to come at all.

The point is, try to be focused on the right things and make it your priority. Work on this, take this seriously, not as a hobby you have when you wanna get a full-time job. Or don't take it as a thing you have to fight against and work all the time on, days and nights. When you have this as a job and as a career and as a dream lifestyle. That's not the point. So, be careful, and take this seriously.

I hope this video was of value today. Comment below with your thoughts, as always. Here are a few comments from the past video. I appreciate you guys for leaving your comments, as always, below. Subscribe, if it's not done yet. And I'll catch you back here or somewhere else tomorrow. Ciao.

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