130: Price Action Trading Setups That Work (@PaulMLangham)

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Price Action Trading Setups That Work – Show Notes

In episode 130 of the Desire To Trade Podcast, I bring back Forex price action trader & expert in price action trading setups Paul Langham.

Paul spent a great amount of time trying to understand how banks were involved in the Forex market. That involved looking at price action.

This work allowed Paul to work for major European and UK banks.

He got introduced to the market after developing an interest in horse racing bets.

That, although trading is fairly different in various ways, helped Paul develop a sense of probabilities that served him in his trading career.

More About Paul Langham

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Topics Covered In This Episode

  • A bit of background on Paul Langham [3:35]
  • What trading looks like in a bank [9:35]
  • Should you consider the news when trading? [14:00]
  • Strategies for higher & lower timeframes [16:30]
  • Some of Paul's long-term trades & how he takes them [18:45]
  • A technique that helped me break-even as a trader [25:20]
  • The first thing Paul looks like on a chart [26:30]
  • How to identify support and resistance areas like a bank [29:10]
  • How to combine multiple timeframes & the BIG mistake [32:30]
  • What price action trading setups Paul looks for when price approaches a major level [34:51]
  • How to trade like big players [37:50]
  • A technique to trade reversals & breakouts [39:35]
  • What timeframe is best to determine the trend [42:08]
  • Are correlations important? [45:40]
  • How to prepare for a stock market crash [48:00]
  • Filters to use in order to increase the reliability of a system [50:45]
  • What is in Paul Langham's Forex Uncensored price action course [56:00]
  • How many trades to take to evaluate your expectancy [1:03:55]
  • How to go from part-time to full-time trading [1:10:10]
  • How to treat a $100 trading account [1:14:25]

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130: Price Action Trading Setups That Work (@PaulMLangham)